Sad to see it end.

Summary of Learning

My Summary of Learning video was a labour of love. It is an amazing way to reflect on what was learned, but 7 minutes is not enough time to get it all in as you will see as I progressively start talking faster as the video progress (good thing I practiced in my rant, although I hope you find my voice more pleasant in this format). I have to say I think I’ve learned more by doing this project, than any research essay I have written. Food for thought in our classes – perhaps an open assignment like this is better than any final exam!

I want to thank each of you for being a part of this educational journey with me. It is the end of a class, but not the end of my new Professional Learning Network. This class has been an experience that has been revolutionary for me. I only wish I had more time to fully delve into the topics. That will be my summer. It is actually remarkable that we all managed to thrive as we did in the course with all the added pressures in our society right now. Congratulations, we made it!

Hope you enjoy my Summary of Learning!

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Yours in Education,


1 thought on “Sad to see it end.

  1. Sheri, I never would have believed you weren’t a Tech Guru! You definitely have filled your toolbox and then some! Your community of Moosomin is so lucky to have such a great leader at the helm of their school! You have so much passion for what you do and it shines through in this Summary of Learning! Kudos to you! Have a great summer!


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